Good Work(s) + Improbable Places Poetry Tour

Steve Locke, Positional, 2007, acrylic, oil on beveled plywood panel painted on rear, 30 x 45" each
Morgan Blair
Maria Penil Cobo
Derek Erdman
Claudia Fitch
Eddie Holtorf
Steve Locke
Julie Miller
Erica Smith

Daniel Ceritto
Crystal Condakes
Luke Jean
Colleen Michaels
Joan Milnes
Chelsea Nee
Jacob Roberts
Blake Tobin

Curated by Emily Pardoe
and Lucas Spivey
May 6 - 20, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 5:30 - 8:30 pm 

Improbable Places Poetry Tour
Thursday, May 5, 7 pm

Co-curators Emily Pardoe and Lucas Spivey agreed to explore the ethics and limitations of curation in Good Work(s), an exhibition that champions kindness as well as content. The show will open concurrently with Ekphrastic Fantastic, a poetry reading inspired by the works in the exhibition by the Improbable Places Poetry Tour. Spivey and Pardoe have selected 8 artists (4 each) who are outstanding as both artists and individuals. Straight-forwardness, integrity and affability are qualities that behoove any individual, artist or not; and are of particular use to the cultural institutions and proceedings that work with artists. What defines good art and good character? Good Work(s) explores the subjectivity of these two cultural willow-the-wisps.

The Improbable Places Poetry Tour is a traveling performance of revolving writers organized by Colleen Michaels. Each month Michaels selects an improbable place for poetry readings and bases the call to poets on that space. For May's event, IPPT poems are in response to the artwork in the Good Work(s) show at 17 Cox.

Claudia Fitch, Flatscreen, ceramic, steel, gator board, flocked paint | Morgan Blair, Warm Igloo, acrylic on paper 
Derek Erdman, acrylic on panel | Erica K Smith, Head, ink on paper