Curator in Residence
Kris Anderson

September 8 - 20, 2011

Adoption Ceremony
Sunday, September 11, 6 - 8 pm

Do you feel like you need some beauty in your life? Feel like you are not doing enough for your art community? ADOPT A WORK OF ART TODAY!!! Yes, YOU can adopt a piece of art to help fill that empty void in your life. Ask yourself: Am I ready for such a commitment? Would I make a good parent? Will I be loved in return? All of these are reasonable doubts, BUT DON'T WORRY, because you don’t need to feed, change or pay for college for ONE OF THESE BABIES. All that you need is a wall, a nail and a pair of doting eyes! You can take one (or more!) home today, provided you have the means and desire to care for them in the long run and a stable loving home.

Previous treatment may have caused damage, some reparable, some not. Some works need to be adopted together and some will certainly be more of a challenge than others. Various sizes and weights available.

Proposed by Curator-in-Residence, Kris Anderson, Adopted is a investigation into the aftermath of creation and the responsibilities of owning a work of art. Anderson is Director of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery at the School of Art, University of Washington - Seattle, where he is pursuing his doctorate in Art History. Following his residency, he will be presenting his paper on The Collection of a Non-Collecting Institution at the ICOM International Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC), in Lisbon, Portugal. Anderson recently became a new father - his son Søren is 11 months old.