Kylie Alexander, 2010, collage, film stills and drawing on paper
Kylie Alexander
Nickolas Peter
PC // MM

Curated by Bradford Rusick
October 10 - December 20, 2011

Conversation for collage, sound and film artists
Moderated by Bradford Rusick
Monday, October 17, 6:30 - 8 pm

Audio/video presentations operating through cut and paste technology
Nickolas Peter and PC/MM
Saturday, December 3, 6 - 9 pm

Kylie Alexander, a Danvers local and student at Endicott College, presents her first solo exhibition highlighting her collage work. Addressing issues such as mortality and identity Alexander attempts to make a continuous story with a still image, in the manner of film and music albums. Using collage to re purpose “forgotten ideas”, Alexander interprets the unattainable feeling that we all share.

Bradford Rusick, a Montserrat Alumnus and Associate Director at 17 Cox is a Northshore multimedia artist. In addition to curating Continuity, Rusick is curating at Marblehead Art Association and UForge Gallery in Boston this fall.

In tandem with Continuity, 17 Cox is hosting events engendering collage to all forms of cut and paste media; not just 2D collage, but conversation, film, turntables, and other devices/methods that arrange prefab media such as opinions, sound bites, film stills, track cuts, et al. into larger compositions. see.say.speak is a conversation for collage, sound and film artists. hear.feel.fall is composed of audio/video presentations operating through cut and paste technology.

Breadboard synth, (three oscillators and ring modulation), PC//MM | Continuity, Kylie Alexander, installation view