TO THE MoON, Johnny Adimando, installation view, image courtesy of Elizabeth Woodward Photography
Johnny Adimando


January 23 - March 23, 2012

Quarter Moon, January 30, 5 - 7 pm

Artist Talk with Johnny Adimando
New Moon, February 21, 5 pm

Performance Lab w/ the Collective
Full Moon, March 8, 5 - 7 pm

I know that the moon or the word moon
Is a letter that was created to share
In the complex scripture of that rare
Thing that we are, both manifold and one 

Jorge Luis Borges

At its apogee the Moon is about 406700 km from the Earth, while a single sheet of paper is about 0.01 cm high. It would take approximately 1,520,640,000 stacked pieces of paper to reach the Moon or a single sheet of paper folded on itself 42 times could reach the Moon's surface. This January at 17 Cox, artist Johnny Adimando will attempt the impossible: to reach the moon through conventional methods of paper folding and printmaking.

Attempting the impossible through limited means has been a fountainhead of ingenuity throughout time. The contemplation of reaching the moon's surface is an endearing and timeless quest: scientists, clerics, poets, philosophers and artists have all staked their claim on what the moon is and how best to reach it.

The urban myth that a single piece of paper cannot be folded more than seven times has been repeatedly disproven. In January 2002, while still a junior in High School, Britney Gallivan succeeded in folding paper in half 12 times. At the 12th fold, a single sheet of paper increases exponentially to 4096 layers or approximately 41 cm thick. Thirty more folds increases the height to 406700 km, the moon's distance from the earth.

Why has looking at the moon become so beneficiary, so soothing and so sublime? Because the moon remains purely an object for contemplation, not of the will. Furthermore, the moon is sublime, and moves us sublimely because it stays aloof from all our earthly activities…
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Johnny Adimando received his BFA from Tyler School of Art and his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design where he currently instructs printmaking and critique. Adimando is also a new adjunct faculty for Montserrat College of Art's printmaking department. He currently resides in Providence RI.

TO THE MoON, installation view, images courtesy of Elizabeth Woodward Photography