Start Over

Anthony Montuori, RagzInto the Void with Yves Klein, The Adventures of Sisyphus, 2012, video game with custom cabinet
Dispatchers Worldwide

Curated by Lucas Spivey
August 11 - October 7, 2012

Friday, August 10, 5 - 8 pm

Dispatchers Worldwide
Sunday, September 2, 12 - 4 pm

Start Over is a cross-section of 'revisionists', whose occupation requires a constant striking and editing.  Artists, urban planners and gamers, to name but a few, are required to build, debuild and rebuild their skills as they adapt to new problems.  As part of the exhibition, volunteers and artists will participate in Dispatchers Worldwide, a patching of various cracks and fissures in buildings across Beverly MA, including Montserrat College of Art, Studios at Porter Mill and 17 Cox.  Dispatchers Worldwide is a project of Jan Vormann.

Every gamer gets better as they play and Anthony Montuori's video games are impossible.  In Debtris and Adventures of Sisyphus winning is temporary and purpose is monotonous. An artist and video game-maker who lives and works in Boston, Montuori received his BFA at Montserrat College of Art and his MFA at School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  Montuori's work has been exhibited at Howard Art Project, Boston CyberArts and Frame 301.

Largely improvisational, Fish McGill and Dave Tolmie's collaborative two story mural inside the 17 Cox Gallery shows how necessary it is to sketch over, erase and cover up each other's work in the name of overall progress. McGill and Tolmie have collaborated many times, with Dispatchwork, Project Superfriends and others. McGill received his BFA and MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design and has worked for clients such as Harmonix, Dietch Projects, Nike and others.  Tolmie has exhibited under his psedunymn LEGO, at MEME Gallery, Fourth Wall Project, Massachusettes College of Art and Design and donated works to Spero Inc., Cambridge Nursery School and other local schools

Dispatchers Worldwide, Fish McGill, Dave Tolmie and Friends, 2010 | 17 Blocks, Fish McGill and Dave Tolmie, 2012, spraypaint and acrylic on panels
OneLine® Games (title screens), Anthony Montuori, 2011 | Start Over (installation view) | All images courtesy of Elizabeth Woodward Photography